Our story

Most of you know the story how we met and what has led us to this  very moment. Let us shortly summarize it for those who aren’t too familiar with us. 🙂

We have met in Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt, where Matej was studying at a Bachelor program and Marta came for an exchange semester which turned out to be a full year.Our common interest and fun times that we had together brought us closer and despite the fact that the year has ended and Marta was about to go back to Poland we have decided to continue the relationship. Austria_2008_(64)

In 2011 Matej has moved to Warsaw to do an internship and finish his Bachelor. As he wanted to follow up with a Master degree and Marta was almost done with hers, they have decided to relocate together to the Netherlands. They have spend 3 years living in Rotterdam, where Matej’s university was. As they really enjoyed the time spent there- they have decided to settle there for now.


As both of their careers bloomed they have moved to a beautiful city of Haarlem in the middle of 2014. Then they have decided to add additional member to their family and that is how Luna has joined them in March 2015.



They have been together for about 7 years when Matej decided to propose during an amazing trip to Thailand. This brings us all to the event planned on 12.08.2017 when Marta and Matej will tie the knot.