Wedding traditions and PL/SK/EN mini dictionary

Wedding traditions

There have been plenty of tales about legendary Eastern European Wedding , but worry not. As our wedding will be quite international we will try to make it as easy to follow and interesting to all of the participants. We plan to include few of the traditions, but if you are interested to know more about the typical wedding celebration in Poland and Slovakia please follow the links below 🙂

Slovak Wedding Traditions

Polish Wedding Traditions


PL/SK/EN mini dictionary

Polish and Slovak are both Slavic languages and despite a lot of common words that mean the opposite or differ significantly. Some of them you should actually avoid as they aren’t the nicest. Below you can find a very brief PL/SK/EN dictionary.

Dzień dobry! Dobrý deň! Good morning!

Do widzenia! Dovidenia! Goodbye!

Przepraszam. Prepáčte. Excuse me.

Nie rozumiem. Nerozumiem.I don’t understand.

Dziękuję bardzo. Ďakujem.Thank you.

Która godzina? Koľko je hodín? What is the time?

Jak się Pan (Pani) ma? Ako sa máte? How are you?

Jak sie nazywasz? Ako sa volas? What is your name?

Na zdrowie! Na zdravie! Cheers!

Tak. Ano. Yes

Nie. Nie. No

Przepraszam! Pardon! Sorry!

Czy zatanczysz ze mna? Zatancovali by ste si so mnou? Would you like to dance with me?

Gratuluje! Gratulujem! Congratulations!